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LA CARVI Designer & Founder is Carmen Viscusi, a native of southern Italy living in Zurich. She is in her mid-thirties and has worked for many years in Fashion Retail. 

& Software Sales.


When I was a little girl, I spent my summer vacations with my family in the south of Italy. Together, we enjoyed the hot days by the sea. 
I remember these days with gratitude. 


A particular highlight for me was the salesmen on the beach with their stock up, sales stands. They sold toys and accessories for kids and adults. I enjoyed bracelets, anklets, and hair clips. Every year I discovered new designs. I saved my pocket-money to buy a selection of accessories for summer. As soon as I bought them, I attached the bracelets to my wrists and the foot bands to my ankles. I swam with them, played in the sand, sunbathed, and wore them until they finally fell apart.


This passion continued into my teenage days. I was filled with the thought that if I ever made jewelry myself, it would be of much better quality. 
Today I am not a little girl anymore; my passion for prettifying life with lovely accessories has developed with me. 


During my professional career, I sold a wide variety of products for my employers. This allowed me to acquire practical knowledge in several business areas and industries. There was a significant desire to fulfill a project of my own.

The Corona Lockdown seemed predestined to start realizing my idea.


This feeling was indescribable; I recognized that the sum of all my professional stations enabled me to run independently today. La Carvi, that is me, This is my first project in which I realize my affinity for beautiful things and my creativity. From the careful selection of exclusive materials and high-quality charms to the lovingly crafted accessories.

Including all operative processes in the background. 

True to the motto: "The woman is herself".


I am happy to prettify the lives of many people with La Carvi's handcrafted accessories. 


With Love, 
La Carvi

Ps. The rest of the website is consciously written in "we" form, which sounds more likable. 😉


At La Carvi, we lovingly handcraft adorable Lucky Charm Bracelets & Lucky Charm Velvet Chokers. We exclusively use natural and high-quality materials. 

La Carvi Accessories are Lucky Charms, constant companions.

These Accessories support you in your daily life with their carefully chosen colors & gemstones. They'll help you to balance your chakras (energy centers of the body).


Absolutely eye-catching accessories, which are just as wonderfully suitable

as gifts for your beloved ones.


With Love,  

La Carvi

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